Build Your Number Plates

Build Your Replacement Number Plates

In this guide we will show you the basics of what you need to know when building your replacement number plates.

Character Spacing

Character spacing is the most important factor when designing legal format number plates, if you mis-space or try to mis-represent a combination, you could be fined if these plates are used on the UK highway.

See below for a general guide on how to space characters based upon your combination type, please always refer to your V5 Log Book to see how your characters are spaced or the V796 document available online for detailed information and spacing guidelines.

Current Style Number Plates

The format in place currently is issued to all newly registered cars and came into effect in September 2001. This format begins with 2 letter characters, followed by the year of release and then 3 random letter characters. The year identifier depends on what time of the year the registration was issued, for example anything after March in 2004 will be ‘04’ and anything after September up until February 2005 will be ‘54’.

Below is a random combination to give you an idea of what a current style number plate should be spaced.

Current Style Example


Prefix Style Number Plates

The prefix combinations for number plates were issued before the current style came into effect. These combination begin with a letter, followed by up to 3 random numbers and then 3 random letters at the end.

Below is a random combination to give you an idea of what a prefix style number plate should be spaced like.

Prefix Style Example


Suffix Style Number Plates

The suffix style combinations were issued before the prefix combinations. These combinations begin with up to 3 letters, then up to 3 numbers followed by a letter. Basically they are a reversed version of the prefix styled number plates.

Below is a random combination for a suffix style number plate.

Suffix Style Example



This is a fairly easy option but not one to get wrong especially if you opt for model specific shaped plates. Please carefully measure these types of plates and only then select the correct size, if in doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch.  Please remember, the 406x111mm short oblong size is suited only for combinations which do not shrink the size of the character height on the entire plate. If the plate builder shrinks your characters then this plate is no longer legal in terms of correct character height due to shrinking to fit the plate.


We have stripped down the style selection to those that are the legal type only. Please do not select the Domed Gel fonts for Import or Bike Plates as the character height on these are fixed to the standard size only and will not fit the Import or Bike plates at the moment.


Road legal plates can have a European Identifiers badge on the left which should be in the colour Blue.


Borders can be added to your replacement number plates in any colour.


We recommend slogans for promotional or novelty plates only.


Click on the plate below to start designing your number plates now.


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Supporting evidence must be provided for road legal number plates which display a VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark). You can easily send us the required documentation electronically or by post. You can quickly and easily send electronic proof of your original documentation during the checkout process using the upload tool or alternatively scan or photograph high resolution images and email them straight to us. Your plates are processed almost immediately from the moment we receive your order to make sure there is no delay on our side to get your order out for delivery, however we cannot despatch your order on time if you delay the process of sending in your verification documents which is a legal requirement for number plates displaying a VRM. This does not apply to novelty number plates that do not display a VRM or for number plates being delivered to outside of the UK.


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