Whilst most of you guys will know the basics of fitting your new show plates or replacement number plates to your car, some of you might not. So here's a quick and simple guide to get things right the first time.

First of all, decide what method you are going to use to fit your show plates/ replacement number plates to your car.

You can either stick your plates using strong sticky pads included in your fixing kit, or use your existing number plates as templates, to drill holes into your show plates and screw them on instead.

Your fixing kit will include:

  1. 6 Double Sided Sticky Pads
  2. 4 Coated Self Tapping Screws
  3. 2 White Screw Caps
  4. 2 Yellow Screw Caps
  5. 2 Black Screw Caps

The quickest and easiest way we recommend to our customers is simply using the sticky pads alone. These do not require any drilling for the show number plates as you will not be using screws. These sticky pads are very strong and are capable of holding your show plates / replacement number plates to your car. These sticky pads are very sticky so it is ideal you carefully check the positioning of your plate is correct before you stick the plates on your car.

Below is a image on how you should space out the sticky pads on the back of  your new show number plate.

sticky pads

Rather screw on your new show number plates?


Step 1)
First you need to equip yourself with a drill so you can drill holes into your new show number plates.

Step 2)
Unscrew and remove your old number plates from your car to use as guides to drill holes into the correct place for your new custom number plates.  Use the front number plate as template for the front show plate, the back (yellow) number plate as a template for the back show plate.


Place your old number plate over your new custom number plate, place your new custom number plate front face down, and place you old number plate, again, front face down. (So your basically drilling holes from the rear of the plate). Align Carefully, and hold in position firmly, once sure of position, and on a suitable place to drill, drill two holes using the existing holes on your old number plates.


Step 4)
Finally, place in your new custom number plates in their usual number plates position, and by using the screws supplied in your number plate fixing it, screw in your new custom number plates so they are firmly fitted to your car.


Depending on where the holes were drilled, use an appropriate screw cap to screw in the self tapping screws through. E.g. A yellow screw cap if the hole was drilled through a yellow part of your new custom number plates or black screw cap if the hole was drilled through a black part of the number plates such as the text.  The screw caps will give a clean look to your new custom show number plates.

It is your responsibility to be confident and accurate in drilling holes into your new custom number plates. A damage of the plates due to incorrectly drilling the number plates is by all means through no fault of ours. So please ensure you drill safely, accurately and most important, in the correct place to avoid damage to your new show number plates.


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