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The terms and conditions below apply to all business transactions carried out by Klick Plates, which will be referred to as the 'Company'.

The user of this website applying for goods or services offered by the 'Company' will be referred to as the 'Purchaser'.

Your statutory rights are not affected. It is compulsory that the below terms and conditions are read by the Purchaser and accepted before any order is placed on this website with the Company as this forms a contract between both parties.

The Purchaser has the sole responsibility of ensuring all forms are correctly filled out when using this website. Orders are processed using the information that is submitted by the Purchaser, therefore the entire responsibility is of the Purchaser to provide accurate information to the Company before placing any order on this website. The Company holds no responsibility for incorrect details being entered on the website. The Company provides bespoke goods which are manufactured to the Purchaser requirements using the details submitted by the Purchaser. Under the Distance Selling Regulations, the Company must inform you that when an order for a product or service is made, the service we provide begins as soon as an order is received, whether this is by internet, phone or mail. Consequently, there is no ‘cooling off period’, the order cannot be cancelled or the transaction made by the Purchaser cannot be reversed and a refund cannot be processed for the order. In circumstances where the Company cannot complete the transaction for any given circumstance, providing that the fault is of the Company and not the Purchaser, the Company will only be liable to giving a full refund of the original purchase amount only; this does not include claims for damages, interest on monies paid or any other expenses.

There is no guarantee or set in stone time period for the full transaction from order to delivery. Whilst the company does state a general timescale for delivery, this information is provided entirely by the delivery service used at the time therefore the Company cannot be held liable for delays and the Purchaser must fully cooperate with the Company together with the delivery service providers to trace an orders whereabouts. All issues or problems with an order must be reported by the Purchaser to the Company within 7 days of receipt.

UK number plates which display Vehicle Registration Marks (VRM) must be manufactured by suppliers who are registered with the DVLA and suppliers must follow the guidelines set out by them. Registered number plate suppliers must see relevant documentation from those who are buying number plates (which display a Vehicle Registration Mark), this is needed before the Purchase receives the number plates as verification documents must be seen first.  During the checkout process the Purchaser will be prompted to provide the relevant documentation that; a) proves the customers identity and b) proves that the Purchaser is entitled to use the registration number.  The Purchaser will be prompted to upload their original evidence which needs to be clear and of high resolution. The Purchaser can tick the relevant box to skip this process if: a) they wish to send in their original documentation after by email or post, b) their order does not display a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM), c) their order is for plates being shipped to outside of the UK. Despatch of orders for number plates displaying a UK registration number depends on how quickly the Purchaser sends in their verification documents. Please be advised, the Company processes all orders moments after they are placed to achieve quick turnaround times, so if you the Purchaser fail to send in valid verification documents to allow us to despatch your order, this will be seen as breaking the contract between the Purchaser and the Company, in these circumstances you will not be liable to cancel the order and request for a refund.

UK number plates which display a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) must be displayed according to the DVLA’s V796 document available online. Under the Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing) Regulations 1971, it is an offence to mis-space or mis-represent the digits on vehicle number plates. The Company does not have access to DVLA’s database which has correct spacing for all types of combinations, therefore the Purchaser has more knowledge about their registration mark spacing for their number plates than we do. Your plates will be made to the spacing you enter here but please be advised it is illegal to use number plates that have been mis-spaced or mis-represented.

There is no guarantee or verbal condition unstated within these Terms & Conditions unless specifically in writing by the Director of the Company. If for any reason, any condition of this agreement is stated to be invalid by a competent jurisdiction, the above mentioned will remain valid and in force. These Terms & Conditions are of the Company and the agreement is set between both parties in the respect of this purchase. Every effort is made to ensure the material on this website does not cause offence to the end user or third party. The Company welcomes contact from an individual or third party if there is any material on this website that may be causing offence and the Company will consider removing this material if necessary.


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Terms & Conditions

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