Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions our customers ask us. However, if you have a question you may want to ask us that is not listed here, feel free to give us a call or email us to get a quick response from us.

What will the quality of my number plates be like?

All of our orders are quality inspected carefully and they need to meet our high quality standards before they are securely packaged to arrive exactly how they left.

How long will my number plates take to arrive?

We begin to process your order immediately to meet our quick turnaround times. However, we must see original verification documents for UK number plates which need to be provided before we can despatch your order, and the ideal time to submit this legal requirement is whilst placing your order using our upload service to avoid any delays in despatch. Taking this into consideration, it normally takes 1 – 3 working days from the moment of receiving your evidence. This of course does not apply to novelty number plates that do not display a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM).

Can you include my own images for plates?

Yes, but only for novelty number plates that do not display a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM).

I can't find a size that I require, can you accommodate?

If you do not see a size that you require, please give us a call or email us. We cannot provide a size that is too small to an extent that it reduces the size of the characters of your Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM), the VRM characters must comply with the legislation.

Are you registered with the DVLA to make number plates?

Yes, we are registered with the DVLA’s Register of Number Plate Suppliers (RNPS). Our registration number is: 56395

Is it safe for me to enter my payment details on your website?

Yes, we use PayPal as our safe and secure checkout, this means your payment to us is entirely handled by PayPal and we do not see or store any of your card details.

Will my number plates or novelty plates be pre drilled?

No, your number plates or novelty plates will not be pre drilled. The reason for this is simply because we do not know where the holes of your number plates will need to be, and by pre drilling your number plates we leave a huge margin for errors as every car will have number plate holes that will vary. The best way to get your plates drilled correctly is by using your old plates as guides. See our fitting guide for detailed information.

Why do you need to see documents for my order?

In the UK, to buy number plates that display a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM), two forms of verification documents need to be seen by all DVLA registered number plate suppliers. These documents are to prove the buyers identity and to show the buyer can buy number plates for that particular VRM. This law may seem inconvenient for a customer who simply wants to type away, pay and expect their order; however it is there for a good reason, which is to make sure that only the person entitled to display a particular VRM can have the right to acquire number plates for it. This of course, does not apply to plates that do not display a VRM.

Do you take orders over the phone?

At the moment, we do not take orders over the phone because it creates a margin for error. For example a customer may want a GB badge on their order which we might by chance not take note of. This is why you can take your time, check you order through as many times as you want and order at your own pace using our plate builder.

Can I cancel my order at any time?

When we receive an order at Klick Plates, we begin to process this almost immediately. This is to ensure we meet our quick turnaround targets for getting your order out to you. Once this begins, we cannot cancel your order and offer you a refund, the reason for this is that number plates are a bespoke item made just for you, the purchaser. It is not something we can take apart and use for another customer as everything is made from scratch just for you. So taking this into consideration, you cannot cancel your order at any time and it is advisable to check your order through as many times as you like before you pay for it.

Do you take cheque payments?

Sorry, cheques slow things down for us in terms of waiting for the cheque to arrive, depositing it into a bank to clear and then processing your order for despatch. We work on quick turnarounds to satisfy our customers, so cheques are not accepted as a form of payment.

If I order plates with incorrect spacing, will you make them?

Please make sure you enter the correct character spacing for your number plates when using our number plate builder as the finished plates will be made to the same spacing you enter on the plate builder. It is an offence to misrepresent or incorrectly space characters of a number plate under the Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing) Regulations 1971.

Can I order just a single plate?

Sure, you simply need to select 'Front Only' or 'Rear Only' on the plate options.

Will my number plates display the supplier details and the 'BSAU145d' markings?

Yes, the supplier details and BSAU145d markings must be displayed in the bottom of all road legal number plates. These are not placed there for our advertisement, but are a requirement of the law in place to show where the number plates have come from in the event they need to be tracked back to identify the purchaser. These markings can be read but do not affect your plates design as they are only around 2.5mm tall.

Do you take international orders?

Yes, if you need assistance with this you can always give us a call or email us before hand.

Can I order more than one set of plates?

Yes you can. You simply need to click on 'add to cart'  for each set of plates or single plate and simply carry on repeating the process until you have what you need to finally proceed through to the checkout.


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