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10 Simple Tips To Survive A Long Car Journey.

1. Check Your Car Owner’s Manual

Make sure to keep your car manual in your glove box as it has all the information you’d ever need about your car. Specifically for long journeys, it can tell you how to change a flat tyre and where the jack is located.

2. Check Under The Hood

Make sure there aren’t any leaks and check all fluids- oil, water and screen wash.

For explanations on how to do this go to:

Also look at the drive belt, if it looks worn out or cracked at all have it replaced before the trip.

3. Tyres

This is something you should be used to doing anyway but it’s especially important to check your tyres before going on a long journey.

Make sure you check the pressure and wear on your tyres, including the spare. Also look out for cuts or wear.

4. Lights

Before your journey, check all your lights and keep an eye out for cracks or blown bulbs.

Long journeys can mean you may be driving at night so it’s crucial that all your lights are working to their best ability.

Visit for more information on light prep and the different regulations across Europe.

5. Check Your Route

This isn’t necessarily about preparing your car but it’s good to check your route before you set off, if it’s a route you do regularly it’s just worth checking in case of road closures etc.

If it’s a route you’ve never done before it’s handy to know what kind of roads you’ll be driving on and at what time of day so you can prepare your car.


6. Windscreen Wipers

Make sure your windscreen wipers are working fully, you don’t want to be stuck in heavy rain on the motorway with wipers that barely do anything.

If they aren’t working properly, replace them before your trip.

7. Fuel

Check the distance of your journey and make sure you have enough fuel in your car to cover the distance and more, in case you have to make a diversion.

Check out this handy website that calculates the mileage and fuel expense for any journey:

8. Air Filter

It’s important that a good supply of clean air is reaching your engine to improve the car's performance and efficiency.

Check your air filter is clean, your car owner’s manual will include steps on how to change it.

9. Wash Your Car

It’s good to have a clean car anyway but washing it will make sure all your windows are fully visible for your journey.

10. Check Your Number Plate

Make sure your number plate if fully visible, has no bits of dirt covering the characters and is reflectively lit in the dark. Also, check to see if your front or rear number plates have not been cracked or damaged in any way, this might save you been stopped by the police or even a hefty fines of up to £1000 for a number plate offence. 

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