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How To Design Replacement Number Plates Using Our Plate Maker

Looking to get your vehicle back on the road with fully road-legal replacement number plates?

With the help of our easy-to-use number plate maker, design a full set of number plates easily, with a verified UK government plate supplier.

To get you up to speed, we’ve outlined a step by step guide to help you design a set of number plates for any vehicle of choice, in no time at all.



Step One:


The first thing you will need to is; select the input the correct VRN (vehicle registration number) into the field show in the diagram. All characters you input into this will generate previews of your VRN in the large number plates. Remember to space your VRN appropriately. Failing to have correct spacing between lettering may deem your number plate to be illegal.


Note: All standard UK plates have one space between two groups of characters and numbers.


UK Current Style – ‘KL15 PLT’

As you can see, this example registration has one space after the year identifier which is ‘15’. Only 1 space is permitted and in this format, there’s a space only between the characters ‘5’ and ‘P’.

If your plate doesn’t follow the standard style, it may well fall into the following formats; UK prefixes and suffixes styles.

UK Prefix Style – K1 PLT

We have used the letter ‘K’ here as an example. As you can see, after the ‘1’ is a space which separates the two character groups.

UK Suffix Style – PLAT 1K

Suffix combinations can be taken as a reverse format of the prefix. In this case, the initial letters are first, then space is added between the letter and the next available number. In this case, space is between the ‘T’ and the number ‘1’.



Enter your text here for you replacement number plate


Step Two:


Next, up, you will need to decide on the plate size you want. The most popular size is the Standard Oblong, but there are other sizes that can be chosen depending on your vehicle type.

Note: The short oblong plate size is ideal for 6 character numbers or less.



Enter your plate size in the number plate maker


Step Three:


This is one of the easiest ways for you to have your road-worthy replacement number plates stand out. There are 4 font styles to choose from, and all are legal for you to use on any vehicle. Select from Standard, Standard 3D, Standard Hi-Line and Standard Carbon (effect).

Note: Any other font choice other than the 4 fonts mentioned above are specifically for vehicles off the road only. 



Enter your replacement number plate's text style


Step Four:


If you’re feeling patriotic, and want to add flag identifiers (which are completely legal, as long as they are part of the ‘European flags’) then go ahead. These must be selected in the colour Blue only and can only be selected for the left side of the plates.


Enter your number plate badge


Step Five:


You can add any border style or colour. A good point to note is that certain border colours tend to appear darker on yellow plates due to prints on transparencies mixing in with the yellow reflective surface of the plate.

Enter your number plate border and colour


Step Six:


The slogan text is purely reserved for the plate makers name, and/or postcode. Please leave the pre-defined ‘Klick Plates’ text as this fully compliant for use on UK roads legally.

Once you have completed all the above steps, hit ‘BUY NOW’ and simply tell us where we should deliver your new number plates to.

Remember: If you order before 2pm, we will dispatch your number plates on the same day.



For Your Peace of Mind: Klick Plates is a fully vetted, and DVLA verified number plate supplier, so feel cosy knowing you're backed by a company that supplies high-quality, road-legal number plates for any type of vehicle.

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