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Video: How to Build Your Replacement Number Plate

So, your wanting to know how to build a set of replacement number plates using our easy-to-use plate maker.

You’re in luck, it’s incredibly simple. In fact, with our demo video, we’ve made it even easier for you to design your replacement number plates in a matter of seconds.

First, input your VRN (Vehicle Registration Number):

00:00 – 00:32

In our example, we inputted “KP15 PLT”. If you look closely, there is a space between the figures ‘15’ and the letter ‘P’. It’s important you input the correct format of your VRN, or it will be deemed illegal.


Second, select the number plate size you need:

00:33 – 01:03

Klickplates gives you plenty of plate size options, so you can build a set of replacement number plates for any road-going vehicle. The most popular number plate size if the “Std Oblong 521x111mm”. There is even an option for large squared number plates for 4x4’s, as well options for motorbike replacement number plates.


Third, choose your number plate style:

01:03 – 01:39

There’s a number plate style for everyone. Whether you want the standard look or the ‘carbon-fibre-effect’ replacement number plates, feel free to pick the option right for you. Klickplates also gives you the option to choose 3D font styles. The top 4 style options are fully road-legal for use on your vehicles; this includes the Standard, Standard 3D, Standard Hi-Line and Standard Carbon.


Fourth, select from a variety of flag identifiers:

01:40 – 01:59

Feeling patriotic? Klickplates give you ample opportunity to express your patriotism towards whatever flag you stand-by. Simply select ‘European Flags’ from the drop-down menu, and pick and choose as you please.


Fifth, slogan is reserved for plate maker and/ or postcode info:

02:18 – 2:40

The slogan text should contain the replacement number plates supplier’s name and if you’d prefer, the postcode of the supplier too. In your case, it is best to leave it as ‘Klick Plates’, as the pre-defined slogan is fully road-legal.


Want to get started on designing your set of high-quality replacement number plates using our simple plate maker?


Design Your Replacement Number Plates

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