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Where To Buy Number Plates?

Confused about where to buy number plates?


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If there are a few things motorists in the UK are not keen on; one is knowing where to buy number plates.  If you think about it, this term could either mean the acquisition of private number plates including cherished or vanity or purchasing a set of replacement number plates.  In this quick-to-read article, we will be dabbling in the latter, to help you choose a plate supplier you’ll happily recommend to your friends and family.

Currently, there are THREE major avenues for UK motorists looking to buy number plates. Each of the 3 ways has their benefits and drawbacks, and for you, we’ll be digging into each to see which could be the most ideal for you.


#1 A Local Punter with Plate Maker Tools.

#2 eBay or Amazon Number Plate Makers.

#3 DVLA Registered Number Plate Suppliers.


#1 A Local Punter with Plate Maker Tools



Star Rating: 1 out of 5


The local punter may be a good bet for some drivers in the UK as their number one choice for replacement number plates. Versatile, Nimble and does without the V5 documents and proof of identification, you could argue this off-the-street method of acquiring your number plates is incredibly convenient. You’d be right, too.

However, picture this. You’re on your way to work in the morning, it’s raining, and you’re running late as it is. Behind you sifting through the traffic an unmarked Police 3 Series BMW notices your number plate to have incorrect spacing – why? Your local punter who’d only asked for £3 quid per plate hadn’t the slightest of a clue of the legality around road-worthy number plates, and because of this, you may end up paying a very costly fine of £1000.


Follow our advice: “Stay clear from paying up an extra £994 for your plates. For this much money, you could take a weekend Euro break with your other half…”.


#2 eBay or Amazon Number Plate Makers



Star Rating: 3 out of 5


It’s true. You can purchase a set of replacement number plates on any shop on eBay, or Amazon offering this service. However, not all shops on these two marketplaces have custom tools for designing number plates, and you’ll have to envision it instead. Worryingly, all you require is your registration plate and that’s it. It’s quick and easy, but you have little idea on how it’s made, and what quality control checks your plate will go through. Often you won’t need to produce a V5 document or any proof of identification. A few number of merchants do require these documents emailed, however.

eBay mentions its number plate suppliers on its website are to be trusted, and if you’re in doubt – check to see the number of reviews. However, it is still advised you check to see if the merchants have a “Supplier Identification Number” registered with the DVLA. It’s the only proper check to see if you are purchasing from a legit, fully-compliant UK government registered number plate supplier.


What’s our advice: “Don’t look at reviews as a sign of legitimacy. Number Plate purchasing is a case of asking a merchant for their SID, or calling the DVLA to make sure you don’t end up with illegal plates on your pride and joy.”


#3 DVLA Registered Number Plate Suppliers



Star Rating: 5 out of 5 


“Where to buy number plates?” Some might still remind you the punter is a cheap and cheerful way, the eBay seller is the least hassle requiring no V5 documentation – but the safest, and legitimate option where most drivers end up purchasing a plate is from a DVLA approved number plate supplier such as

The UK government strictly states ‘you can only get a number plate made up from a registered number supplier’.

What does this mean for you?

You will only be able to purchase number plates made from the highest-quality materials, and are completely and fully-compliant with the UK road laws. Effectively, no Police car in the entire UK can sneak up behind, and issue you a £1000 fine. Unless of course, your number plates have faded, cracked or the characters on the plate are obscured from general wear and tear.


What’s our advice: “If you don’t mind these drawbacks, and would you like an easier sleep at night knowing your plates are fully road-legal with no ifs and buts… trust a reputable number plate supplier.”


When you’re next wondering where to buy number plates for your vehicle, or even for a friend’s vehicle – trust a DVLA recommended number plate supplier such as Klick Plates for your peace-of-mind.


Using our easy-to-use number plate maker tool, you can build a plate no matter which vehicle you have, and it's quick too!


So, go ahead...


number plates start from just 10 pounds with klickplates

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