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Number Plate Theft Still on the Increase in 2017


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It didn’t take long for this story to hit so hard this year, yet it seems number plate theft is still continuing to rise well into 2017.

Instead, this time, this breakthrough story comes all the way from Ipswich, an urban region in south-east Queensland, Australia - and not the UK, as most of you readers in the isles may have thought.

The district has seen multiple number plate theft offences, mostly being committed in the darker hours and with vehicles’ parked on the road, as opposed to being tucked away in driveways, garages and yards.

Police in Australia have advised securing vehicles’ in yards or anywhere out of sight - will see you less as a victim of fuel court charges, or other notorious activities; compared to those leaving vehicles in plain view.

However, for those of you with no choice, but to park on the roadside, read on for some headache-friendly advice.


Why are plates being stolen?


Most common reasons for criminals to detach number plates from ordinary vehicles’ is to jump the petrol forecourts of any payment for fuel.

In fact, 90 percent of “drive offs” from petrol stations in the UK alone, concern vehicles’ affixed with stolen number plates. That’s mega.

The one and ultimate reason for plate theft on the increase is to mask or disguise cars in their entirety.

And, it doesn’t help the authorities any further when criminals brandish Britain’s most popular motors such as the VW Golf, Vauxhall Corsa and the current top favourite of the British public - the Ford Fiesta (rated number 1 best-seller in the UK in 2016).

Here’s a famous YouTuber who just recently had his number plates stolen from his Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.

Here’s what happened...



Top essential safety tips and advice from Thames Valley Police in the UK:


Do the most obvious thing. Park your vehicles in a completely secure garage in order to prevent thieves/criminals accessing the front and rear of your vehicle's very easily.

If you have installed CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras, and have them set to detect motion, have them raise an alarm - much like home security systems.

If you are forced to park on the roadside for reasons including; lack of space outside your premises’, no driveway or no secure garage or yard, then Police advise you park in a well-lit spot - or if possible - have your own flood light with motion detection and park crosswise to it. Luminous flood lights can be the deterrent you’re looking for.

Know which areas of the UK are statistically more susceptible to number plate crimes.

Between 2010 and 2014, the number of plate thefts had increased by 38% according to West Midlands Police - making this the highest percentage increase.

Second came Derbyshire Police who’d reported an increase of 34%, with North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire trailing after with 18%, and 13% respectively.


Anything else I can do to safeguard my number plate?


A more mundane and very effective way of tackling the unauthorized removal of your plates, and at the same time help reduce the number plate thefts - is to replace existing screws holding your plates.

Right now, you can purchase economically priced anti-tamper screws. These are no different in mechanics to locking wheel nuts.

They come with a special head that requires specialist tools such as a locking tool, which will supply with a kit you can purchase anywhere online.



If you look around quite a bit and do your research - you’ll even come across some anti-tamper screws with a rotating sleeve around the head, preventing thieves from using pliers or other tools to grip and latch on to the screws. A plus, if you’re really paranoid about plate theft.

Don't fall into being the next plate theft victim; take the necesary advice from above and be safe.


If you have been the unfortunate victim of number plate theft, don't just kick yourself over it.


You've a family to take care of, and a job to head to; so get back on the road in no time at all with quality replacement number plates sent to your door immediately. (Must order before 2 pm for same-day shipping)


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