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Number Plate News For All Drivers

Since we’re in February 2017, we’ve decided to go ahead and bring you the most interesting, most comical and jaw-dropping bit of news in the world of number plates.

It’s a totally new format for us - as we’ll dive into the top stories of the month - and compile them conveniently into one newsletter so you can get the full read in under 3 minutes.

Starting off the January edition; we’d scoured the net and found some amazing stories on criminals brandishing stolen number plates, police utilising new infrared cameras, legislation on selling cheap cars, and double-standards being deployed by the Police of Wisbech.

Is This Police Car Overstepping its Powers?

There’s no person or group of people that has more powers over us than the Police.

They have full rights to stop us, search us and even arrest us - should they really need to.

On the road; this is exercised further through tracking our movements with ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) cameras as you’d know - and then have us placed on the register for any acts of misdemeanours like swerving on the road, or even having obscure plates.

That’s what had happened to this unlucky bloke; who’d been pulled over and slapped with a fine of £100 in Ely.

You’d be right in thinking this happens all the time. With one of the highest adoptions of ANPR cameras in the world - no doubt, illegal number plates will get attended to in the UK with swiftness and ease.

But, what happens when you’re the Police officer issuing the ticket to another driver; and then a few hours later find yourself with muddied number plates, too?

An eagle-eyed driver posted this moment after the story broke.

So, should Police cars be exempt from fines? Let us know your thoughts on our FB page.

Park Your Car & Strictly Come Dancing?

In the UK, it’s often said you are being watched on average 300 times every day. That’s 6 million surveillance cameras - which is more than 2 times than the number China has.

Having said that, it’s not often this happens - but, 1 of these cameras has caught a golden moment that sheds light into the motives of vehicular criminals in the UK.

Just one photo can tell all. And, fortunately for you, here’s that 1 photo.

On Jan 27th, this photo of a man believed to have used stolen number plates was caught on CCTV while trying to exit the Charter Walk shopping centre car park in Burnley, without paying.

But onlookers at the time witnessed a bizarre moment; as the driver of the white BMW ran for the barricade - in hopes of stealing this too!

Customers of the shopping centre found the unidentified man to have danced around with the barricade till he finally sped up - causing amusement amongst visitors.

Oh, and if you do recognise him - the Police are still looking for him.

You can contact PC 3615 James on 07816214079 and quote crime reference EF1613422.

New High-tech Camera Shines Light On Lost Revenue

Under new technologies; in conjunction with using the usual array of ANPR cameras - Police in the UK are utilising infra-red cameras to finally be able to read number plates better.

For so long, numerous speedsters across the country have evaded speed cameras affixed on mobile vans; but from this day on, vans in strategic in locations have the infrared equipment to help them see better at night.

The infrared equipment consists of 3 rows of tiny bulbs affixed to the back of Police mobile vans. They’re invisible to the naked eye and are completely safe for use on the road.

Since they’re difficult to see or detect - infrared-boosted speed cameras will help to ensure you drivers are well within the speed range at any given limit.


Do you think infrared-powered cameras will help deter motorists from speeding? Let us know on our Facebook

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