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5 Ways That Drivers Beat & Lost To Speed Cameras

It is amazing what drivers can get away with these days, even in 2017!..BUT they will always inevitably get caught up with the law...Karma, and all that. Here are 5 ways drivers nearly got away with beating the cameras.

Number One - Lasers

Those “frickin lasers” indeed...Most recent case of laser jamming shenanigans came from Ben Kitto, a BMW-driving executive, who bought a £300 Laser Elite Jammer, which was bought legally as a parking sensor, but was hacked to the same wavelength as police speed traps! The gadget was programmed to intercept incoming police lasers and send them back at the same frequency, which made it virtually impossible to record the BMW’s speed, it also sounds an alarm if the cameras picks up speeding activity, pre-empting him to slow down.


BUT with Kitto’s extensive charitable donations and having an “exceptional character”, he was let off...so we might be onto something, just do your due diligence, and you can speed with impunity (but seriously, don’t be an idiot and break the law).

Number Two - NoPhoto

So if you’re in the business in running red lights but don’t want tickets, then you’re a bad person. But hey, it didn’t stop the creator, John Dandow, a self-described tinkerer to reap the benefits of a simple technological solution to your selfish inconveniences. I give you the “noPhoto”, a device that senses incoming red-light traffic cameras and instantly responds to the flash with its own flash, shrouding the number plate while it is in movement and as it takes the picture. It only works for red-light cameras, it would be a little awkward if it went off at say the flashing lights of a police cruiser. So you might be wondering if the NoPhoto is even legal? OF COURSE it is not! Obscuring your number plates is against the law, especially if you’ve run through red lights! It is quite surprising that this device was a legit crowdfunded project on indiegogo.com, which pulled more that $18,000, but it is safe to say the police in the UK have more sense, and won’t be allowing the noPhoto to take off here.

Number Three - The PhotoBlocker

Would you like your vehicle to be INVISIBLE to speed cameras? Well, you’re in luck. The PhotoBlocker UK is a patented formula spray, that reflects the flash of speed cameras, like a mirror! WOW...amazing. There is one tiny fact that may be in your best interests as a driver wanting to purchase this product...IT DOESN’T WORK. You have to be incredibly naive to fall for this stuff...just visit their website and count the number of times they contradict themselves! It IS legal to purchase, but wait...illegal to use? The popular myth busting show, inevidently called Mythbusters proves a lot of different systems marketed to mask your number plate, none them work. PERIOD. Here’s one myth to  try the next time you’re driving past a speed camera...try changing lanes to avoid the camera picking up your number plate...view the video above of the Mythbusters in action and let us know if you think if this myth is true or busted. I’ll give you a clue, it starts with the letter B.

Number Four - The GhostPlate

What is “The GhostPlate?”...It is a container that is mounted and houses your plate in between 2 sheets of a powdered aluminium, ballistic glass that is wired and hooked up to a power module. When you switch it on, it masks the plate by the means of a liquid crystal display. It is designed with a flick of a switch to frost over the display, obscuring the number plate. Again, another trick, that is illegal as you know. It is actually funny if you don’t realise that if you use it within a city, there is approximately 800 security cameras situated in and around an 8 mile radius in most cities, smothering number plates is only going to get you so far, once you switch off the frosting, the authorities will be able to easily track the owner of the vehicle via the revealed number plate anyway, so why bother in the first place, you are just postponing your inevitable fine or worse.

Number Five - Cloned Number Plates

The most notorious way of beating the speed cameras is BACK! If you’re not aware of “The Attack of the Clones”, it is first an amazing film, but secondly where you end up a victim of various vehicle offences such as speeding fines, when you live hundreds of miles away from where the act was taken place. Cloners would make a copy of your number plate, and they would also make sure it was the same make, model and colour to make it even harder to be caught. Other offences cloners would use your number plate for would be things like robberies, untaxed or uninsured driving or zipping past camera operated roads or petrol stations without paying. Cloning, thanks to some online merchants (NOT OURS) is relatively easy to do as they allow you to create plates without providing evidence of your V5C (Vehicle Registration Certificate), but not at Angel Plates. We WILL NOT dispatch number plates before we get the right documentation first and foremost! We know the impact of cloning is terrifying within our industry, and want to do everything we can to stop it once and for all!

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