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New Road Tax Changes Set For April 2017


The start of April is a new day for drivers and the road tax system. If you’re unaware, then the threat of £1000 fine might be worth bringing to your attention. The road tax system is undergoing a major change in the effort to save the government money and bring the redundant system up to speed with 2017. The new system will replace the perforated paper circle with an electronic database that keeps track of your vehicle excise duty (VED).

So is it worth understanding the changes? We personally think that motorist NEED to know of these changes, or else you will find your wallets/purses getting a lot lighter in the near future...Here’s what was changed in regards to the motor tax system:

Motorists since the 2014 have no longer needed to display their tax disc in their windscreens. But you may be wondering why some motorist are still displaying there’s...well, they just simply forgot! Which segways quite nicely into our next subject...forgetting to renew your road tax. Because it doesn't physically exist as a “tax disc” can elude to some cases where some offenders can think they can beat the system, but unfortunately there’s a thing called a database, and Auto Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, which track all cars that haven’t paid and fines them.

So how do know that you need to renew your road tax? DVLA will send you a reminder when it is about to expire. You can check and pay straight from DVLA’s website, or by calling 0300 123 4321, or even applying inside a Post Office. You can also pay via direct debit, that way you’re saving and your road tax will never expire as long as your MoT is valid, sell your car, the DVLA will know to stop paying then. The road tax changes apply to all of the UK, but Northern Ireland drivers need to display their MoT discs instead.

Are they any disadvantages to the new road tax system?

Actually, they are some. The road tax will not be transferred with the vehicle, which means sellers and buyers will not benefit in having free months left on the tax disc. Well, at least you can get refunds based on full calendar months left on the tax disc.

So where is the confusion coming from?

The new rules have been mostly blamed for the rise of prosecutions against untaxed vehicles, but DVLA has said this is due to a “system shake-up” than motorists trying to dodge the system. The key thing to take away from this is that tax discs are automatically cancelled when a vehicle changes hands, the confusion likely begins from this point of not knowing of this new change. Intentionally evading this can lead to you being flagged up on the system, and inevitably leading you to a very hefty fine, and the DVLA have been very clear that they will not be any “grace period”. Buyer MUST get a new vehicle tax before driving the vehicle...anywhere.

How much is the new road tax? Is it the same?

It now depends on your official CO2 emissions, which you can check at http://carfueldata.dft.gov.uk/. Vehicles with the highest CO2 emissions will incur charges of up to £505 per year and with new vehicles of up to £1,100 per year in the first year, but the majority of owners will be paying a flat rate of £140 a year. If you have paid more than £40k on a new car, then you have to pay a £310 supplement for the first 5 years...regardless of emissions.

So what do you think of this new change? Do you think the government has gone too far? Are they making more money from this system? Let us know!

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