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Asking Price for Britain’s Most Offensive License Plate: £6,000

You’ve heard of vanity plates before, but have you ever heard of “vulgarity plates”? Okay, that’s not actually a real term, but it should be after we tell you about this next one. There’s a British number plate out there called . . . are you ready for it?




Sure, the spacing and spelling are not perfect, but when this vanity plate goes racing by you at 100 mph (which is exactly the type of driving behavior that we’d expect from the owner), the letters blur together to form one long anatomical expletive that’s directed straight from their bumper to your heart. And all for the low, low price of £6,000 on Absolute Reg (sold anonymously, of course).


Jake Smith, the directing manager of Absolute Reg, expects this particular plate will be sold to “a certain type of person, someone with a definite sense of humour.” He adds that out of all the plates he has seen pass through Absolute Reg, “this one takes the biscuit”. At the same time, he assures that this plate is absolutely legit for purchase and official road use.


How on Earth Did This Happen?


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has been given the painstakingly unpleasant task of censoring any possible alpha-numeric combinations that could be used to create vulgar-sounding plates before they reach the market. In fact, they release a public list of banned number plates twice a year that will make you laugh until you realise tax money is being spent for government workers to sit in a room together and think up dirty names.  


Unfortunately for the DVLA, it’s almost impossible to think of every variation, and some rather raunchy combinations still manage to slip through the cracks, the most recent being this fine specimen. Hence, the “CUII NNT” plate is completely street legal and ready for purchase.


Well, it’s still legal for now, at least. The DVLA retains the right to force drivers to relinquish their dirty plates if they are spotted on the road with one. So take a good long look and enjoy the “CUII NNT” plate while it lasts, because it probably won’t be around much longer. On second thought, you probably shouldn’t look at the license plate at all, and be sure to cover your kid’s eyes, too.


Other Great Dirty Number Plate Names


You want to hear about other “vulgarity plates”? How dare you! What if your mother knew? Just kidding, we’d love to share some more with you.

 Of course, they were entitled to defend their right to use “WETFART” in court, but somehow we doubt that they are going to “clog up” the legal system with such a case.

In 2015, you could have an “ORG45M”, but in 2016, you absolutely could not “OR66ASM”.

Across the pond in California, a driver received a personalised letter from authorities informing them that they would have to give up their tags for “WETFART”.

“BI6 BUT” was street legal until 2015, at which point sanity was restored to our roadways.


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