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Number Plate Printing Service in Bradford, West Yorkshire


Bradford Number Plates


Need number plates fast? Then you have come to the right place as Klick Plates is now offering a brand new service for the Bradford, West Yorkshire and surrounding area. We understand that you can be in need of some replacement number plates fast, especially with DVLA’s new service of assigning your private registration on the same day or if one of your plate’s just decides to fall off somewhere.

We will be covering a big area for number plates Bradford. So if you need number plates in Wibsey, Bradford just give us a call or if you need number plates in Clayton, Bradford then again just give us call.


Why have we started this service?

Because we know you cannot get to the shops on time to get your number plates in Bradford, some close by the time you finish work. You simply need something ready by the time you finish work and have them picked up so you can quickly install them, JOB DONE! We have a different sizes and styles available; just call us to discuss what you need. If you want to get them delivered to you on the same day, providing we have seen your evidence before and can verify it once again when we deliver your number plates in the Bradford area, then that is perfectly fine. These orders may have a little extra charge for local delivery depending on where in the Bradford or surrounding area you are.

Remember, just have your documents to hand, which is 1x Proof of I.D and 1x Proof of Registration Entitlement as this is a requirement of law for all number plate suppliers to be seen prior to manufacturing your plates.

Call us on 07547 574933.

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