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Should you splash out on a new 16 plate car?


Hey there guys and welcome to Klick Plates and our first blog post. Today we will debate whether or not you should go all out and buy a brand new 2016 registered car which will be a ’16 plate. It’s not long before March is here, to be precise, March is 6 days away and this is when you will start to see brand new cars of all makes and models baring their new 16 reg number plates. The question we ask ourselves and you the reader of the post is, Is there any reason to buy a brand new car simply because it is a 16 plate?

We personally do not see a reason why you should splash out a huge amount of cash, when there are a near new selection of cars on the market available to collect today that are 65 or 15 registered vehicles. These cars could be fully loaded in terms of optional extras and have little mileage covered. When you head out into your local dealership, the car you start to build up for yourself starts off a base price of what is normally the most basic of cars until you keep ticking those boxes out of your own expense to have all the gadgets you want. Alternatively, when buying used, an ex demonstrator vehicle which will be near enough fully loaded with extras is available to buy for lower than what the base price of a car you will be about to order new.

It is worth bearing in mind, the majority of new car buyers end up personalising their vehicle with a private number plate, so having the number 16 on your number plates is near pointless. If you are the type who does not mind having a 65 plate (which are registered September 2015) or a 15 plate (which are registered almost a year ago which is March 2015), do check out some used car websites and some reputable dealerships are offering great spec cars of your choice for a huge margin off the list price. However, if you are going to assign your private number plates on your car in the first place, ask yourself, do you really need a 2016 registered 16 plate car?

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