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The 16 Reg Number Plates are here!

16 Reg Number Plates

About a week ago, we added a blog post to our website debating about whether or not we should go all out and buy a brand new car or save a little and buy a slightly used one. Regardless of that, today is the release of the long awaited 16 reg number plates so be prepared to see plenty of brand new 16 reg cars on the road.

Car dealerships have two major peak times  in a year when it comes to selling the most cars, these are 1st of March and 1st of September as these two dates split the year into half by releasing new registration numbers which most customers wait for before they collect their cars. In March the first yearly update is done based upon the year, so for example it is 2016 now, so the 16 is to identify the year of the car. In September the number will be 66, this is to identify the car as being registered in 2016 but after September and before March 2017.

This year’s new number plate release is set to be the biggest in terms of newly registered cars displaying 16 reg number plates. Some car dealerships like Audi in Harold Wood were open for a midnight launch for the new registration numbers with some customers collecting the cars just after midnight, how exciting would that be!

If you have splashed out on a new 16 plate car, do show us what it is. Head to our Facebook or Twitter pages and post your new car on there so we can have a look too.

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