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Replacement Number Plates Handbook

Found your number plate to have been cracked, faded, broken or surfaced with tough scuff obscuring the lettering and numbers?

Chances are, it’s illegal. And you probably want to get it replaced immediately with a legal replacement number plate.

Before you give the ‘deer in the headlights’ look, this article will help explain some of the in’s and out’s regarding the legalities around older number plates, your new replacement number plates and what to do if you ever have a number plate that’s lost its touch over the years.

How will I know if my current number plate is road legal?

According to the UK Driving &Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) “It is an offence to alter, rearrange or misrepresent the numbers and letters on a number plate to form names or words or in a way that makes it difficult to read the registration number”.

As such, there are strict laws and regulations in place to ensuring your new replacement number plates are legal.

New Font Style:

On September 1st 2001, a new font was introduced to make clear the lettering and numbers of the UK number plate. It was designed this way to make sure it’s unmistakably easy to read. They are no plate fixing bolts overshadowing any typeface, no italics, or thick to thin letters – just one equal width lettering and numbering all the way across new number plates from dealers, and replacement number plates from registered suppliers.

We’ve provided an example below for you to inspect the post-2001 lettering and numbers style in more detail.

Replacement number plate lettering and number style example

Font Size: 

New fonts aren’t the only things to look out for. All new replacement number plates are to follow the rulebook and meet new standards too.

For vehicles possessing 4-wheels and more:

font sizes on 4 wheeler number plates

For vehicles possessing 2-wheels and 3-wheels (except where tricycles are made from 4-wheeled bodies such as cars and quad-bikes, 4-wheeled vehicular conditions apply):

font sizes on 2 and 3 wheeler number plates

National Flags and Other identifiers:

Up until April 27th 2009, the use of national flags was illegal to feature on new number plates, whether that’s new replacement number plates or dealer issued number plates in the UK.

The government scrapped the near 8-year-old rule originally proposed in June 2001, which has meant a saving of a £60 fine for UK motorists.

National flags and identifiers on replacement number plates

Today, the following national flags and identifiers can proudly be displayed:

Flags; The Union Flag, The Cross of St George, The Cross of St Andrew, The Red Dragon of Wales.

Identifiers; England or ENG, Scotland or SCO, Wales, Cymru or CYM, United Kingdom or the UK, Great Britain or GB.

To ensure your new replacement number plate is fully legal and compliant with the UK DVSAs new standards, start by using our FREE number plate builder here.  

As a fully registered and recognised replacement number plate manufacturer, be assured all your new number plates are produced under the stringiest quality control checks before they reach you.

Replacement Number Plates and Road Legal Number Plates for Cars and Bikes

Next time…

We’ll reveal how ONE company ended up paying over £200,000 to one UK council over the selling of illegal replacement number plates in the UK.

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