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Why Do Dirty Number Plates Offend Police Cameras?

Dirty Replacement Number Plate caught by ANPR camera

Being pulled over by the Police isn’t a highlight of anyone’s day, not especially if you’re late already to be present at your best friend's wedding, reaching the airport in time, or just nipping down to the local Co-op for a gallon of milk.

It seems there’s more reasons than ever to being pulled by the Police. And that’s before we delve into the number plate misdemeanours that can land you hefty fines.

£1000 fines, anyone?

This week it won’t hurt to know - the difference a heavy foot and general ignorance can make to not only your wallet, but your ability to drive too. Read on to see what can get you in trouble, the minute you are on the road.

To fashion, or not to fashion?

If you’re new to the world of wearable technologies. Using a Samsung Fitness Watch whilst driving, can you put you in prison for up to two years warns UK Department of Transport. And, it’s the same with the very sought-after Apple iWatch. “An Apple Watch has the potential to be just as distracting as any other smartphone device” it has been argued.

So if you’re looking to grab one of the cool techs in time for your spirited drives on Sundays – hot lapping and eyeing your wrist whilst your vehicle’s in motion – or cheekily viewing WhatsApp during the school run, be aware – all these actions fall upon the same law governing mobile phone usage during transit.

When Skynet Takes on Character

As more Police force across the UK adopt the ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition’ technologies to track and monitor vehicles on roads today, some motorists can expect colossal parking and speeding fines fly through the letterbox for acts they may not have conducted themselves.

The illegal rise of cloned number plates sweeping the nation, has meant a higher number of innocent motorists are being subjected to the consequences of criminal activity, involving number plates.

Since ANPR scanners assume a number plate is deemed legitimate, the owner can expect to face the full force of the law till proven innocent.

As a driver, you can expect to receive the dreaded ‘notice of intended prosecution’ letter to inform you – as a potential defendant – that you may be prosecuted for an offence you may have committed, whilst the incident is still fresh in your memory.

Important: The NIP letter will be sent within 14 days to the driver, or the registered keeper.

However, don’t be alarmed – as this does not automatically assume you are guilty full stop. It’s a mere warning that you may be challenged within court.

Cleaning your dirty plates may save you money

According to the official DVLA rulebook, “It is an offence to alter, rearrange or misrepresent letters or numbers in order to form names or words or in such a way that makes it difficult to read the registration number.” And, that includes unintentionally distorting your number plates with either dirt or scuff on the surface material – so that it may alter its real details.

Fines for intentionally, or unintentionally masking your number plate with dirt can reach up to a staggering £1000, and in some cases the mark may be withdrawn.

In other cases, your vehicle’s MOT may fail. Reason being, ANPR cameras are unable to identify with accuracy number plates with dirt on them, thus proving these vital cameras ineffective.

Important: If you’ve just been off-road and kicked up dirt on your vehicle, make sure you set time with immediacy to clean any debris or dirt from the surface of your number plate.

How Can I Ensure My Replacement Number Plates Are Legit?

Without a legitimately and correctly manufactured replacement number plate – i.e. one that you can build right now using our FREE number plate builder here, your vehicle’s number plate is considered illegal for use on the road.

One supplier who had been caught out manufacturing replacement number plates without a license, and without care for the regulations governing number plates had landed a monstrous fine of £25,000 with additional £600,000 seized.

The UK trader (who we wont name) had failed to meet the following requirements:

1. Failed to register their business with the DVLA (legal requirement) and

2. Had produced number plates with illegal spacing between lettering and numbers, and

3. Some of the plates had registered trademarks applied without the consent of the trademarks owners


Want to SAVE yourself the hassle of dealing with the Police, and purchase a replacement number plate from a reputable supplier?


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