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Recent Auction - Top 5 Highest Earning Personalised Number Plates

Crypto Plate

It’s time we start posting again, apologies for the delays! We’re focused on some regular content all in the hope to educate our website visitors all about number plates!

Yesterday we saw the close of the DVLA’s online timed auction, and as prices and living costs rise, somehow the auction prices also continue to rise! Strange isn’t it, where is all this spare cash coming from? Let’s not forget, the combinations which are being auctioned now, their best variation has already sold in the past, so what’s left is like the 3rd or 4th best to what is the best variation of that type of plate, so by it fetching more that it’s best possible variation, inflation or the demand for private number plates has definitely increased.

 Checkout the 5 highest earning number plates in the recent auction, what are your thoughts? Have these guys over paid, bidding war or they’re worth the hammer price

All the prices below are hammer prices, lets not forget, you need to add 20% VAT, 8% Buyers Premium and the £80 assignment fee on top of these prices.


313 M – Sold for :  £28510

What does it stand for? – Most likely someone with an initial for the letter M or the word Elem?


511 AM – Sold for :  £28000

What does it stand for? – This one could read the word Sham, or 5th November birthday and AM as someone’s initials.


CR11 PTO – Sold for :  £27490

What does it stand for? – Easy enough to read and this one indeed is the best variation for this, which is Crypto, short for Cryptocurrency, reads what it reads and probably bought by some Cryptocurrency tycoon.


VKS 1 – Sold for :  £25120

What does it stand for? – Nick name for Vicky? Most likely initials again followed by the number 1 which is the most desirable number to finish off or start off with.


1 JVN – Sold for :  £25010

What does it stand for? – We think these are initials again, for example 1 James Victor Norman.



So them are the top 5 combinations, amongst these was one that caught our eye:


LOR 4A – Sold for : £20000

What does it stand for? – Has to be Laura or Lora. The other next variation like this one was LOR 4H, which sold for only £1800 back in 2006, so definitely some inflation that’s happened. However, the best possible variation for this name in our knowledge has to be 10 RA. This one did sell for £25720 or so, but it’s a dateless variation, that has the popular initials RA as well reading the name IQRA which is very difficult to get on a number plate, we sure know that if this was auctioned now it would fetch over what it went for during the peak of the covid pandemic.


That’s a wrap folks, on the next post we’ll show you what combinations to keep your eyes peels for in the next auction, so you know what you can decide to bid on!

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